SisterTrick – Kyler Quinn – Like When We Were Younger


Jay Romero playfully greets his hot step-sister, Kyler Quinn, when she returns home between college semesters. When she starts bringing her suitcase to her old room, Jay is mischievous as he insists that their parents are redoing the bedroom, so she has to bunk with him. Although she’s a bit disappointed, Kyler doesn’t question the arrangement, moving her suitcase into Jay’s room. Later that evening, when they both retire to the bedroom, Kyler eventually drifts off on a mattress on the floor. Jay is sneaky as he keeps subtly pestering her, just enough to make her a bit restless. Pretending to be doing so from the goodness of his heart, he asks if Kyler would like to share his bed since resting on the floor seems to be so uncomfortable. Although Kyler’s a little hesitant, they used to share the bed when they were younger, so why not? After Kyler gets comfortable and drifts off again, Jay can’t hold his lust back any longer. He masturbates under the covers and Kyler eventually stirs and catches him. Although she’s shocked at first, Jay playfully convinces her that this is a part of his nightly routine, so if she’s willing to help him take the edge off, they’ll BOTH rest easy!