Meana Wolf – Breakfast with Step-Daddy


Meana Wolf – Breakfast with Step-Daddy. It’s wasn’t exactly a successful second date. You’d spent the night, but did’t get any action. You’re enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning when her step-daughter walks out of her bedroom in her underwear and says, “Step-Mom, who’s this guy in our living room?” Your dick stiffens at the sight of her. She’s precocious… She leans into you and says “You’re way hotter than the guys my step-mom usually brings home”. She runs her hand up your leg as her and her step-mom shout back and fourth between the living room and the kitchen. She’s wild. She doesn’t care if she gets caught. She giggles, “Wanna be my new step-daddy? Rest in my step-mom’s bed and fuck me instead?” She slides her mouth down onto your cock and you can’t resist her slutty antics, even with her step-mom right there in the kitchen.