ImMeganLive – No Nut November & Mom Ruins It


I am a horny step-mom and I want to seduce my step-son, but he is not interested, because he makes the No Nut November Challenge and won’t cum for the whole month! So I make plans on how to ruin his stupid challenge. I tell him that I have a new job as a masseuse and I need to train and he is the only one at home. I tell him to lay down and take his clothes off. I wear only a bathrobe and I sit on him and start with an oil massage. After just a few, I secretly take my bathrobe off. I start with an erotic massage with my tits and ass. I grind on him and tease him with all my body. Then I ask him to turn around, when he sees that I am naked he wants to leave but I don’t let him. I tell him that it’s ok and that it’s just part of the massage. I continue teasing him and grinding him until he is hard. I grind my pussy against his cock, then I put him inside of me and tell him that it was an accident, but continue fucking him. Now I have what I wanted and I don’t let him leave until he gives me a creampie. I fuck him hard, kiss him, and tease him with my tits! When he is close of cumming, I pin him down, keep him there and fuck the cum out of him! (Cum visible) Then I give him deep kisses and tell him that it was what I wanted and leave with smile. Lots of step-mom step-son dirty talk inside.